Leader in International Payments, Foreign Exchange, Risk Management & Hedging.

At Axiom, experienced foreign exchange specialists work to ensure you get the best rates. Every time.

International Payments

Seamlessly send secure payments and confirmations to suppliers around the globe. Axiom can initiate payments to beneficiaries designated by you to any financial institution in almost any country in the world.

Risk and Hedging

Axiom can assist in managing your foreign exchange exposure by providing spot, forward, and foreign exchange options to mitigate risk, provide cost certainty, and improve bottom line. Experienced foreign exchange specialists will work with you to provide you with the tools to make sound decisions to support your business. *some products are only available for qualified parties

Private Client Services

Whether you’re buying a property, large investment, or have recurring payments in different currencies, Axiom Private Client Services can help. Save money with competitive exchange rates while also enjoying the simplicity and peace of mind in dealing with experienced foreign exchange specialists.

AML Compliance & Security

Trust, integrity, and service are the core foundations upon which our firm was built. Security of funds and proper protocols relating to the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing give us, our clients, and trading partners the assurance that only the highest standards are maintained.


  • Multi-Currency Trading

    Whether its USD, CAD, GBP, JPY, EUR, MXN, Axiom deals in all major trading currencies to meet your international payment needs.

  • Spot Transactions

    This is the most common form of foreign exchange transaction. Upon acceptance and execution, this is the locked in rate you receive when you call your Axiom associate for a live rate.

  • Forward Contract

    Remove the fluctuation risk by locking in your exchange rate ahead of time. A frequently used and effective way of managing your foreign currency exposure is with a Forward Contract.

  • Payments

    Make and receive payments in any major currency. The fastest, easiest and most secure method of sending and receiving international payments is with a wire transfer.

  • Market Orders

    Set a pre-defined target rate to optimize your exchange requirements. Forming an affiliation with Axiom brings the added benefit of being able to trust that your foreign exchange needs are always being looked after so you can focus on what you do best - your business.

  • Market Watch

    Exchange rates are determined by many factors including, but not limited to, inflation, interest rates, speculation, capital flows, trade and yield differentials. Let us monitor the market for you so that you can focus on your core business.

  • Consignment Accounts

    Many of our clients like having the ability to store their foreign funds in an Axiom multi-currency account and issue payments as their business demands.

  • Direct Deposit (Canadian customers only)

    Using the Axiom Foreign Exchange International complimentary courier program, we can deposit all settlement amounts directly to your Canadian bank account on your behalf. **Available in select markets

  • Online Solutions

    FX Dealing with Live Pricing, Multi-currency accounts, Manage Payments and Vendor lists, Flexible Reporting and Payment Notification.


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